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Even if we'd like some equality
Profit keeps us in its custody
The world's losing all its humanity
While people still fight for democracy

We should learn from our differences
and believe that we're all the same
We could jump over all the fences
but instead we're ashamed of our own names

Smashing, mashing, bashing, killing
This is the role of peace keeping authority
They respond to orders create disorder
In the end what they get is autocracy

Some companies rule this worldwide concussion
They are the ones who created corruption
Faked elections, a real infection,
Even Sathan'd be ashamed of Power Corporation

(instrumental chorus)

Take a look at the eiffel tower the great french power
Wall street business american mistress
Call it sadness for me it's madness
This is craziness or much more of a selfish mess
A whole in my chest there's nothing honest in this profit fest

Movement only means some'
When compared to some other run
Sometimes it’s only the landscape
Running to escape
Yet your feet are cast in concrete
Until you realize that you were offbeat

Delusion of being kept out of the mold
And promises that you’ll never be old
Pass go and don’t claim anything
Going around the ring
You can still roll the dice
Same result You played it twice

(instrumental chorus)


from An Introduction Guide to Festive Culture, released December 9, 2014




The Best Foot Forward Quebec, Québec

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